LG V20 Comes with an IR Blaster

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 7 Sep 2016

LG V20

The infrared blaster made its return on smartphones in 2013/2014, but since late last year, companies like Samsung and HTC have started removing it from their devices. Samsung has completely abandoned the IR blaster from its flagship devices this year, and so has HTC. LG, however, continues to be the sole OEM to offer its flagship devices with an IR blaster. 

The LG G5 might have failed thanks to its modular design, but it at least featured an IR blaster at the top. The company’s latest flagship handset, the V20, also continues that trend and comes with an IR blaster at the top. LG bundles its handy Quick Remote app on the V20 that will allow one to easily control electrical appliances like TV, music system, AC, and other equipment directly from their phone.

The lack of an IR blaster on the Galaxy S7 and Note 7 turned out to be a bummer for many. Sadly, since the LG G5 did not turn out to be an impressive alternative to it, potential buyers had to stay away from the phone despite the inclusion of an IR blaster. Thankfully, the LG V20 looks much better than the G5, and since it also comes with an IR blaster, you can easily pick the handset up once it launches in the United States.