LG Possibly Making Rumored Pixel XL 2 Codenamed ‘Taimen’

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Jun 2017

A report from earlier today had claimed that Google had cancelled the second-generation ‘muskie’ in favor of an even bigger ‘taimen’ device. With HTC manufacturing the smaller ‘walleye’, it was assumed that the company was also going to manufacture ‘taimen.’

Turns out as per a bug posted on the AOSP issue tracker, LG is possibly the OEM that is manufacturing ‘taimen’ for Google. The bug posted was related to USB PD Compliance failure, with a Google engineer chipping in and asking the bug to be closed and moved inside the relevant “Partner > External > LGE > Taimen > power” folder.

As for ‘muskie’, 9to5Google sources say that the device was cancelled due to battery life issues and other cost issues.

Google is already looking to source OLED panels from LG this year for its second generation Pixel smartphones. In fact, LG itself is expected to launch its first smartphone with an OLED display, the LG V30, later this year. With Google and LG having teamed up numerous times in the past on a Nexus device, it’d make sense for both companies to work together on the second generation Pixel XL as well.

While Google will be releasing a Pixel XL 2 this year, its manufacturer and specs remain unknown for now.

[Via 9to5Google]