LG launching the G Flex in Hong Kong and Singapore this month, rest of the world soon

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 4 Dec 2013

Samsung may have been the first company to unveil a curved smartphone to the world with launch of the Galaxy Round, but it’s LG that’s taking their curved smartphone, the G Flex, to markets outside of South Korea. LG has just announced that the G Flex will go on sale in Hong Kong and Singapore later this month. Singaporeans will be able to preorder the device starting December 8th, and people in Hong Kong will be able to actually buy the device starting December 13th.

What’s so special about the G Flex? It’s the first phone LG has made with a flexible display, flexible battery, and a “self healing” back cover. The display measure 6.0 inches on the diagonal, outputs a resolution of 720p, and uses a plastic substrate. The battery, which holds 3,500 mAh worth of juice, is also flexible. And as for the back cover, independent testing has shown that LG is stretching the truth a little. Minor scratches go away, but dropping your phone will definitely leave a few scuff marks.

So what about Europe and Asia? Orange France has already confirmed they’ll start selling the G Flex in February. And @evleaks says T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint will carry the G Flex at some point in Q1. Pricing information hasn’t been unveiled yet, but you’ve got to imagine that this thing isn’t going to be cheap.