LG G2 sales significantly below expectations, less than 2.3 million units have been purchased

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 9 Dec 2013

LG’s flagship phone for the second half of 2013, the G2, is a curious little device. It looks a bit like the Samsung Galaxy S4, but the screen is larger, has almost zero bezel, and the buttons you’d normally expect to find on the sides of the phone were moved to the back. There’s actually a LG G2 sitting on my desk right now, and I think it’s an outstanding device, but according to the Korean publication Asia Today, it’s not outstanding enough.

They say that sales of the G2 have barely broken 600,000 units in South Korea during the product’s first four months of availability. To put that into some perspective, the company’s 2012 flagship phone, the Optimus G Pro, sold 540,000 units during the same span of time.

Moving on to international figures, the company had set itself an internal goal of selling 3 million units of the G2 during the third quarter, but instead, sales were somewhere in the range of sub 2.3 million. Add to this the increased marketing spend LG has committed to in order to get their name out there, and it looks like there will definitely be some management reshuffling by the time this year comes to a close.

What should LG do in 2014 to “wow” us? Besides throw specs at a wall, which is the obvious thing to do, they should take a serious look at their software and consider throwing everything they’ve worked on out the window to start fresh. That and invest in materials, because how a phone feels in your hand is clearly becoming a differentiating factor.