LG G Flex owners are experiencing screen defects that the company claims are normal

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 16 Jan 2014

The LG G Flex is an amazing piece of engineering that shows people what phones will eventually will look like in two to three. Unfortunately, all tech demos have problems, especially ones that use cutting edge components. Several G Flex owners in Korea are reporting that their phone’s screen has bumps under the cover glass. When The Korea Times asked LG about this, the company confirmed that the bumps can appear if the phone experiences “excessive or frequent force”. A local salesclerk that was interviewed by The Korea Times says force isn’t even the issue here, but that all of the G Flex units he has handled have the same bump problem.

Does this mean you shouldn’t buy the G Flex when it launches in your respective country? Like I said above, this phone is nothing more than a tech demo. If you’re the kind of person that installs alpha grade software on your devices, swaps out video cards every six months, and has a tall stack of phones sitting on your desk, then go ahead, knock yourself out because you know you’re going to like this phone for a few weeks and then get rid of it on eBay.

But for the rest of you, the folks that want a solid device that’s damn near bullet proof, look no further than LG’s other amazing Android smartphone, the Nexus 5. It’s half the price, it’s easier to use, and it’s also about a million times more practical.