Leaked document shows the blue HTC One will come to Sprint on iPhone day, September 10th

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 29 Aug 2013

The HTC One, now six months old, but still a highly capable device, is allegedly going to launch in the United States really soon in a new color. A leaked document supplied to PhoneArena shows that Sprint will begin offering the blue HTC One on September 10th, the same day that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S an 5C. Why do I even bother bringing up Apple? Because they’re going to make so much noise that no company will be able to get the word out about their respective products.

Circling back to what I said earlier, yes, the HTC One, despite being “old” in smartphone time, is still a device that comes highly recommended from multiple websites. Would I personally buy the One? No, because I need a super beefy battery, I’m a Sense-hater, and unless I can find a 32GB or 64GB variant, I need a memory card slot.

And if you really, really, really want a One, then I enjoy it, I won’t make fun of you, that is until you drop the phone on a hard surface and you dent the metal body, which you’ll have to live with for the next 18 to 24 months.