Latest Galaxy S7 edge leak shows off the phone and what’s in the box

BY Evan Selleck

Published 16 Feb 2016

Galaxy S7 edge box leak

Today has been a busy day for smartphones on Dubai’s version of Craig’s List, called Dubizzle, where earlier today a reported posting for LG’s unannounced G5 made its presence known.

And now yet another unreleased, and still unofficial handset has made its debut on the peer-to-peer sale site. This time around it’s supposedly Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge, imported from the United States and posted for $1,225.00. So it’s not cheap by any means, but, as of the time of this writing, the posting is no longer available. So, either it got pulled or someone bought it.

The posting doesn’t actually articulate any details, unfortunately, but it does give a glimpse of what’s in the box. As one might expect, all the standard stuff is in there: the wall plug, the data cable, and a wired headset. There’s a USB adapter, too, for good measure.

Galaxy S7 edge box leak2

The leaks are coming in fresh and steady at this point, which is probably driving Samsung crazy so close to the device’s official unveiling. Though, it’s not like the company itself is doing much better keeping secrets, considering they launched a video promoting water resistance for the Galaxy S7 before they announce it. Still, the company will unveil the handset on February 21, so stay tuned.

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