Dear Google: Please copy Krome for Chrome

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 22 Jul 2013

You’re sitting in front of your computer. You get a text message. How do you find out who it’s from? If you’re lucky, the phone is in your pocket, and you just take it out. If you’re not, you have to get up and find where your phone is. Some of you have rooted your phone so you can remotely view your device’s screen, but you’re in the (super geeky) minority.

Enter Krome, an application ($0.99) for your Android phone that takes advantage of the newly introduced notification system in the desktop version of Chrome. Put simply, you install Krome on your phone, pair it to your computer, and now whenever you get a notification on your smartphone, it’ll be pushed to whichever computer you happen to be using that also has Chrome installed.

If someone from Google is reading this, just please, bake this into the next version of your browser and make an official app in the App Store that mimics this functionality. I keep my phone next to my computer all the time so I can see my notification LED go off. This solution is a million times better than that.

[Via: Android Police]