Huawei reportedly launching a dual booting Android and Windows Phone device by Q2 2014

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 13 Mar 2014

Huawei Logo

Speaking to a website, the CMO of Huawei, Shao Yang has confirmed that the company is working on its own dual-booting Windows/Android smartphone soon. He said – “With Windows Phone, one direction for us – and one that we are now following – is dual OS. Dual OS as in Android and Windows together.”

The Chinese manufacturer reportedly wants to launch this smartphone by Q2 2014, which is technically within the next three months. It is well known that Google is in strong opposition to such devices as it would essentially mean that every device sold will boost Microsoft’s marketshare. We’ve seen several such devices mysteriously going off the radar including the Samsung Ativ Q from last year, indicating Google’s discontent with the concept. So we’re not sure if there’s any reason to be excited about such a product, at least until we hear officially from Google.

We have also seen Indian manufacturers coming forward in support of such smartphones, so it will be interesting to follow how all this pans out in the coming months. To make things more interesting, Microsoft appears to have waived off licensing fees to Indian manufacturers to further encourage Windows Phone adoption.

As of now though, Huawei and Karbon are perhaps the only OEMs openly in favor of a dual-booting Windows Phone+Android device. The ASUS TD300 tablet, announced in January, is thought to see a grim future if recent reports are anything to go by, so we’re not too optimistic about Huawei’s chances either.

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