HTC One X found completely melted in Taiwan

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 16 Aug 2013

Phones have batteries. Batteries are dangerous. Sometimes batteries explode and burn your whole house down, like this poor Galaxy S4 owner in Hong Kong. Other times you lose all the skin on one of you legs, like this poor Galaxy S3 owner in Switzerland. And other times, nothing really happens, but you end up with a broken phone.

These images, which come courtesy of VR-Zone, are of an HTC One X that’s just completely melted. The owner of device, who calls Taitung, Taiwan home, says he’s fine, but the phone obviously isn’t. When he went to his local operator to ask for a replacement, they asked him for $20, which he refused to pay.

HTC has stepped in to investigate the situation. Could this man have used a faulty charger? Maybe. What’s more likely is that he received a faulty battery, which over time swelled, and then finally … POP.