HTC One Max to have a fingerprint scanner?!

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 19 Aug 2013

According to a newly published from the Taiwanese site ePrice, it looks like the HTC One Max, the 5.9 inch version of the HTC One, will have a fingerprint scanner. The site notes at first they didn’t believe this rumor, but that their source has “very high credibility”. As for the rest of the phone, it’s expected to have a Snapdragon 800, 2 GB of RAM, and the same camera as the One. It should be announced pretty soon too. Most people, myself included, think September.

Why shove a fingerprint scanner in at the last minute? It’s believed that the iPhone 5S will have a similar sensor, though Apple is allegedly going to put their scanner under the home button. Who else is playing around with fingerprint scanners? Everyone thought LG was going to put one in the G2 from the photos that were being leaked, but it turned out to be a power button instead.

What sort of things can you do with a fingerprint scanner? Besides locking your phone and storing all your passwords securely, not much. Luckily we’ll soon have marketing people telling us why we should be thrilled with yet another new bullet point on our gadget’s spec sheet.