HTC fires two of its top level executives “in a nice way”

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 15 Jul 2014

icon HTC

HTC may have managed to earn a meagre profit in the previous quarter but the company is still far from being out of danger. To make conditions worse, the company’s top level executives have been periodically leaving the company making its administration unstable.

Two of HTC’s senior level executives — Fred Liu and Ben Ho — have again left the company but this time it is HTC who has fired them “in a nice way”. 

Fred has been HTC’s president of engineering and operations since June 2013, while Ben Ho has been looking at the company’s marketing and communications effort since the end of 2012.

The initial report from Bloomberg suggested that these two top-level executives were leaving the company but sources familiar with HTC’s operation informed The Verge that they were being “fired in a nice way”.

Fred Liu has already been been stripped of most of his duties while Ben Ho has, apparently, been missing since months. In fact, when HTC hired Paul Golden, who played a chief role in making the Galaxy brand, Ho was already stepping down from his duties. According to Engadget, the failure of HTC’s Here’s To Change campaign featuring Robert Downey Jr. played a major role in Ho being fired from the company.