Video: Samsung launches the Galaxy S4 in Romania by flying it in with a helicopter

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 18 Apr 2013

People often see my last name and wonder where I’m from. The answer is Romania. I left as a small child though, so I don’t really remember much, but that’s besides the point. Right now I want to share with you a ridiculous video that, to me at least, proves Samsung has more money than commonsense.

According to the Romanian website New Edition News, Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 in my home country by flying it in via helicopter to the top of the Crystal Tower in Bucharest, the capital. Two sharply dressed men then exited the aircraft, fiddled with a giant metal suitcase, and then presented what look two dummy units to a crowd of journalists.

I don’t really know what to say. In America, Samsung rented out the most famous theatre in the land to put on what most people agree was a terrible show. Earlier this week, in the UK, Samsung put on a concert. Apparently Romanians like helicopters.

Had no clue.