Google releases Android Device Manager app on the Play Store

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 Dec 2013


Google, today, released an app for its Android Device Manager anti-theft service that it had released earlier this year. The app does everything that the web version of Android Device Manager does, except that it is has been packed into a mobile and tablet friend UI. 

The app has everything that you might need whenever one of your precious Android device is stolen. This includes the ability to lock the device remotely, wipe it or sound an alarm. There is also an option to switch between multiple Gmail accounts, an invaluable addition for multiple device and gmail account users.

Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device—and the data inside it—safe and secure. Android Device Manager lets you:

● Locate Android devices associated with your Google account
● Reset your device’s screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone

Android Device Manager can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.