Google Pulls down Android Distribution Numbers from the Web

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 10 Apr 2020

Google’s Android Distribution chart used to tell us about what percentage of users are running the latest Android. Google had not updated the chart from the past one year and not it seems to have removed the chart from its location. The worst part is that Google has not given any explanations whatsoever.

Well, it seems like Google has not abandoned the chart but instead moved it to find platform version information in Android Studio. In all likelihood, Google has moved the chart to Android Studio since it is developer-centric. The data might seem useless to an average Android user.

The distribution chart has always been Google’s Achilles heels. Apple has taken frequent potshots at Android for a low market share of its latest operating system. Furthermore, Apple used the numbers to prove that a large majority of iOS devices were running the latest version as opposed to Android. On the other hand, a majority of Android devices don’t need to run the latest version so the comparison is not entirely valid.

You can find platform version information in Android Studio’s Create New Project wizard.

The updated distribution chart has changed and now it shoes cumulative distribution instead of a pie chart. Meanwhile, Android developers can select the oldest version of Android that they would want their app to run and once done the app will run seamlessly on the newer version. With the help of this feature developers can gauge the percentage of Android users they will lose with the newer versions.

Interestingly, Android 10 currently has 8.2% of market share which is less as opposed to Android Pie that has 10.4% by May 2019. However, Android 10 still has a month to close the gap and once that happens the comparison will be fair. Android Pie commands the largest market share at 31.3%.

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