Google Maps Update Introduces Bottom Bar with Places, Driving, and Transit Tabs

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Feb 2017

Google Maps

Google Maps for Android is getting a new update today that makes it easier to see everyday information right. The home screen of Google Maps will now feature a tab bar at the bottom that will help you quickly find a place to eat nearby, provide you with traffic status, and help you catch a bus.

The first tab called ‘places’ will show a curated list of restaurants and cafes where you can head over for a quick bite. The lists have been curated into lists as “business dining”, “cheap eats”, and “best dinners.” You can also use the places tab to quickly find a gas station or an ATM near you.

The ‘driving’ tab will provide you with the ETA to your work and home locations, along with nearby traffic conditions and delays. You can also quickly jump to driving mode from this tab. Lastly, the ‘transit’ tab will provide you with bus recommendations for your home/office along with their ETA. All the information will be provided real-time for further ease of use.

The new tabs at the bottom will definitely help regular users of Google Maps in getting to the information they needed quicker than before.

Download: Google Maps

[Via Google]