Google Drive and Hangouts updated with slight improvements

BY Evan Selleck

Published 19 Jun 2014

image Google Drive

Google continues to do its best to make sure that the applications it has available in the Google Play Store, and it has quite a few, stay up-to-date. This week, Google has decided to offer some tweaks and additions to two of its most popular apps: Drive and Hangouts.

With such frequent updates, not all of them are going to be immensely exciting, but for anyone who loves to make sure that their apps have all the latest features, even the smallest of updates can be exciting. That’s hopefully going to be the case for anyone who’s a particular fan of Drive or Hangouts.

The update for Hangouts is the smallest, unless you’ve been experiencing a few bugs here and there, then it’s probably the most important one. Google’s issued a release that focuses on improving some aspects of the app behind the scenes, while also squashing some annoying bugs. As usual, the finer details remain ambiguous.

As for Drive, though, it’s a bit more than just bug stomping and minor improvements. You’ll probably notice the main change right away, as Drive now boasts a new refresh animation. For those Driver users who are looking for a faster way to get to document creation, you’ll be happy to find that the option is now part of the floating bar at the bottom of your display. And if you make use of the multi-user option, that, too, has been altered a bit. The option now opens in-line, instead of popping in a drop-down.

Nothing major, but hopefully for anyone who’s been suffering some minor issues in Hangouts, those will have been fixed. The changes to Drive are more notable, especially for those who love easier access to elements that may have been a bit buried before. The updates will roll out as Google sees fit, so keep an eye out.

Which Google stand-alone app is your favorite these days?