Samsung Galaxy Tab S plastic back may deform from overheating

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 17 Jul 2014

Galaxy Tab 2 8.4 over-heating

It looks like Samsung’s latest tablets have run into some overheating issues. According to images posted by, the 8.4-inch Galaxy Tab S can overheat so much that it can damage the rear plastic shell of the tablet.

The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 comes with a 2K resolution Super-AMOLED display and an Exynos processor inside a body that is only 6.6mm thin. Considering how hot AMOLED displays can get under high brightness levels and the poor power management of Samsung’s Exynos chips, the overheating of Galaxy Tab S should not really come as a surprise.


However, the overheating issue can cause the dimpled back of the tablet to deform as visible in the images, which is worrisome. Samsung confirmed to that it is looking into the matter and stated that affected owners of Tab S 8.4 can get a replacement unit at any of their authorized service centers.

Smartphones getting hot under heavy usage is a common phenomenon nowadays. Tablets usually are better in this department since there is more room internally for the heat to dissipate. Samsung’s latest tablet, however, clearly bucks that trend.

[Via BGR]