Samsung’s newest Galaxy Tab S ad pits it against the iPad Air out in the wild

BY Evan Selleck

Published 29 Aug 2014

Galaxy Tab S ad

Samsung doesn’t have any problems throwing in Apple products into their advertisements. The efficacy of this method is still up to personal opinion, ultimately, but in this new ad that focuses on the Galaxy Tab S versus Apple’s iPad Air, Samsung’s all about the positives for their own product.

The new ad takes the Galaxy Tab S onto the streets along with the iPad Air, and put into the hands of pedestrians out there in the real world. As you’ve probably been able to guess, these folks are given both tablets to try out and determine which one is the best. The ads focus on pixels, as represented in this back-and-forth:

Almost one million more pixels.”

“That’s a lot of pixels.“

And other specific key details, like screen brightness and resolution. The ad is pretty straightforward, and you can check it out in the video below.

Did you pick up a Galaxy Tab S? What do you think of it?