Some Galaxy S5 units coming with faulty camera, Samsung offering replacements

BY Abhijeet Mishra

Published 25 Apr 2014

Some Galaxy S5 units coming with faulty cameras, Samsung offering replacements

Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone might be selling in droves since its worldwide launch in early April, but a serious issue affecting one of the Galaxy S5’s most impressive features might be ruining the experience for some owners. According to reports cropping up on the internet, the Galaxy S5’s camera is failing to load for some after a few days of use, a problem for which there is currently no fix available.

Some Galaxy S5 owners have reported that after working fine for the first few days, the camera on the phone is disabled permanently and any attempts to launch it are welcomed by a “camera failure” warning. Restarting the phone or even factory resetting it doesn’t do anything to solve the issue, which is said to be most prevalent on the Verizon variant of the device, indicating that it’s a hardware-level fault that might not be fixable by a software update.

Samsung has confirmed it is aware of the situation and is offering a replacement under warranty. Only a limited number of handsets are said to be affected, but with a blockbuster device like the Galaxy S5, that limited number could be considerably huge, so here’s hoping the Korean manufacturer is able to get things under control in time. In the meantime, if you have a faulty S5, don’t forget it to take it back to the retailer or carrier you bought it from and get a newer one that hopefully won’t face the same issue a few days down the line.