Samsung Galaxy Folder user manual confirms funky clamshell design that’ll never leave Asia

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 1 Aug 2013

Last month I covered a rumor out of Asia that said Samsung was going to release a clamshell phone called the Galaxy Folder (SHV-E400). Well, the user manual for that device has just appeared on Samsung’s very own support site. It’s in Korean, and at over 120 pages long it gives Google Translate a heart attack, but there are some crude illustrations and a spec sheet I can share.

Starting with the drawings, there’s not much to say. It’s a clamshell. There’s a screen on both the front of the device and inside. Said screens measure 93.3 mm on the diagonal, which is a hair under 3.7 inches. They both use AMOLED technology and they both have a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Inside there’s a Qualcomm MSM8930AB, which most people know better as the Snapdragon 400. No word on RAM, but there’s confirmation of LTE and NFC support.

And as for dimensions: 59.5 mm wide by 118 mm tall by 15.8 mm thick at 179 grams.

This phone will likely never leave South Korea. It might come to China, but that’s it.

[Via: RBMen]