Futuremark drops Samsung and HTC devices from its benchmarking service list

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 26 Nov 2013


If you ever were a PC junkie in your lifetime, you would know about Futuremark, the creator of 3DMark. The benchmark maker ranks PCs, and Android smartphones, depending on how they perform in their benchmark. The company has been in the benchmarking industry since a long time and has some strict rules, including a fairness policy that requires devices to treat 3DMark just like any other app. Now, thanks to the benchmarking shenanigans of Samsung and HTC, Futuremark has decided to unlist the devices of these companies from its score tracker. The list of devices include the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3, HTC One, One Mini, One Max and others. Instead of appearing right at the top, these devices will now show up at the bottom of Futuremark’s list without any rank on their website.

Whether this strong move from Futuremark will make Samsung, HTC and other OEMs from rigging benchmarking scores is a completely different matter altogether though. The chances definitely look bleak though, as quite a few people are greatly influenced by benchmarking scores pretty easily.