Firefox OS apps revealed to be functioning as native apps on Android

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 13 Jun 2014

Firefox apps Android

A new video shows an Android smartphone running Firefox OS apps quite handsomely and almost like native applications. It was captured on a device running the latest Firefox for Android browser (version 29) which brought support for Open Web Apps.

These apps basically work as a standard Android app and are not reliant on the browser. This essentially means that the icon will appear in your app drawer and let you place it wherever you want on your home screen as well. Users can even delete the app the regular way either directly from the homescreen or by heading over to the Settings.

There will be visual differences in terms of performance though, which is understandable. You can download the latest version of Firefox OS for Android and check out the wide range of Open Web Apps from the Mozilla Marketplace and see how they run on your device.

In the video below, you can see the user playing a game installed out of the Firefox browser on Android. Something like a game is more convenient to be run as an Open Web App since it doesn’t need to adhere with Android’s UI guidelines. Hit the Mozilla link below for more details on the process.

[Via Mozilla]