Falcon Pro updated to v2.1: Brings Butter, Streaming over 3G and more

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Jan 2014


Falcon Pro was, arguably, the best Twitter client for Android before it reached the 100k token limit. After that, the developer decided to remove the app from the Play Store, made it available as a free download and pushed out an update for it every once in a while. 

Thanks to some major updates to Carbon, Robird, Twidere and Tweedle, the developer of Falcon Pro also decided to push out an update for his app. The v2.1 update brings a couple of new goodies and fixes the freezing issues and random crashes that were being experienced by many users since the last update.

Changelog :

– New : Streaming over all connections ! That means you get all interactions in real time, yes, all interactions 🙂 To enable this, go in settings > Sync and enable “Real time with interactions”, then let the magic happen !

– New : “Stats” screen, showing you the impact of your tweets, with numbers of RTs and Favs. Have a few ideas for this, for now I’m keeping it simple. It’s useful if you don’t use the real time option.

– Optimized scrolling
– Tweet detail now shows the number of Favs for this tweet
– Bigger image previews
– More accurate conversations
– Fixed translation crash
– Fixed freeze
– Many other fixes and optimisations

If you gave up on Falcon Pro due to the lack of updates, now might be a good time to give the app another shot.

You can download the latest version of Falcon Pro for free from its website, or from the Play Store if you had purchased it previously.