Download Poco F1 Launcher APK for Other Android Devices

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 23 Aug 2018

Poco Launcher

Less than a day after Xiaomi first unveiled the Poco F1, the handset’s launcher has been made available for other devices. The Poco launcher will make its way to Google Play from August 29 but with the APK now available only, interested users will no longer have to wait to get their hands on it.

The Poco launcher is extremely light and surprisingly, despite coming from Xiaomi, it comes with an app drawer. The app drawer is highly customizable in nature and automatically groups apps based on their category. Xiaomi/Poco have moved the search bar to the bottom of the app drawer where it is easier to reach.

Poco Launcher Poco Launcher

Other features of the Poco launcher include support for hiding apps, third-party icon packs, Quick Shortcuts support, and more. The launcher also provides the option of grouping apps by color which Xiaomi says makes it quicker to find the app you need.

Like the Poco F1 itself, the launcher is super fast. In fact, if anything, it is among the fastest launchers available for Android devices out there.

You can download the Poco launcher from here. You can also take part in the beta program once the launcher makes its way to Google Play later this month.

[Via MIUI]