CyanogenMod has a new hardware partner, first phone to hit the market in the first half of 2014

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 7 Jan 2014

Remember when Oppo announced that they were going to make a CyanogenMod version of the N1 and how everyone was all excited about that device? Well, it turned out no one really cared once it actually started shipping because it was too big, too expensive, and didn’t really do anything that the $349 Nexus 5 couldn’t do. Pete Lau, who worked on the CyanogenMod project at Oppo, felt he could do a better job, so he left Oppo to start a new company called “OnePlus”. Today, OnePlus is confirming that they are CyanogenMod’s new official hardware parter and that they’ll launch a phone during the first half of 2014.

What will this phone look like? No one really knows yet. How much will it cost? See previous answer. What will it be called? Get this, it’ll be the “OnePlus One”. And unlike the Oppo N1, which Oppo designed and then simply slapped a CyanogenMod ROM on, the OnePlus One will be designed together with CyanogenMod. I honestly can’t tell you whether or not the device will be successful because I don’t know anything about it, but I question how big the market is for CyanogenMod hardware.

While I’m not doubting the popularity of CyanogenMod, I always thought of it as a company that did their best to breathe new life into old devices. When Samsung or HTC decide to stop updating your device, you flash CyanogenMod on it and be happy. Better yet, say you love the Note 3, but hate Samsung’s TouchWiz software. That’s another reason for you to go the CyanogenMod route.

But a totally new CyanogenMod phone? Count me as being skeptical.