Chromecast gets new compatible games for the holidays

BY Abhijeet Mishra

Published 23 Dec 2015

Chromecast gets new compatible games for the holidays

Just in time for the holidays, Google is giving existing and prospective Chromecast users some new options for gaming on their TV using their smartphone. Both new and existing games now support streaming via Google’s $35 dongle. 

Angry Birds Friends is one of the new titles, with levels themed around Christmas and weekly tournaments part of the package. Driver Speedboat Paradise and lets you “race your boat through beautiful canals and waterways around the world.” Google has also remastered a few Hasbro board games, such as Monopoly Here & Now, The Game of Life, and Risk to support the Chromecast. The remastered titles come with Big Screen Edition in their names to showcase support for the dongle.

These board games also support split-screen functionality. For example, Monopoly players will see their moves played out on a TV while their cards are displayed only on their phones, which is pretty neat. The new Chromecast compatible games can be downloaded off the Chromecast app store on both Android and iOS devices.

[Source Google]