Chromecast Game Casting lets you stream games to your TV, even from an iPhone

BY Evan Selleck

Published 29 Sep 2015


Earlier on September 29, Google officially debuted the new Chromecast 2, which has plenty of improvements under the hood for the same $35 price tag.

A little while after that, the company officially unveiled Chromecast Game Casting, which will make the Chromecast serve as a means to get some awesome smartphone games streamed over to your television. The company announced the feature by showing off Angry Birds GO! working on an iPhone, and then streaming that content to the larger screen. Other games that will support Game Casting include WGT Golf, as well as Monopoly Here & Now, which will actually support four-player multiplayer on the same TV, all using individual smartphones as controllers.

The new Game Casting feature will be rolling out over the coming months, so keep an eye out as the company announces further information down the line.