Chrome 59 for Android’s Updated JavaScript Engine Reduces Page Loading Time and RAM Use

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 7 Jun 2017

Google has started rolling out Chrome 59 for Android from this week, with the release focusing on performance and stability fixes. Thanks to an updated JavaScript engine, Google says that the latest version of Chrome for Android will load pages faster and use less memory.

Google had touted the benefits of an updated JavaScript engine in Chrome back in April, and a couple of months later, it is with Chrome 59 that the company is bringing the engine to Android. Overall, Google expects a 10-20 percent improvement in page loading times with the updated engine. The lower RAM usage should also benefit low to mid-range Android devices.

In addition, the update adds support for animated PNGs, which are similar to GIFs. The format is widely used by Apple for its Messages app on iOS 10 and has long been supported by Firefox for Android.

Despite being feature-rich, Chrome for Android has long lagged behind other third-party browsers in terms of performance. While Google has been making steady progress over the last one year to make Chrome faster, the browser still does feel a bit bloated compared to many of its counterparts.

[Via Chrome Blog]