How to Change Wallpapers on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

BY Sagar Gandhi

Published 25 Aug 2016


One of the first things you might want to do on your new Galaxy Note 7 is to change the wallpaper from the default one provided. This is a relatively easy thing to do if you have set-up your Note 7 using your older Android device or iPhone, since it would have ported that data over. If you have not done so, you can set a new wallpaper for your device in five easy steps if you so choose.

Before you can change the wallpaper, ensure you have either downloaded the wallpaper or you have a picture that you have decided to use as the new wallpaper.

To change the wallpaper:

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Select Wallpapers and themes

N7 ROm3 S7

  • Under Wallpapers you can choose:
    • View all — It displays the 13 default wallpapers and a snippet from the Gallery
    • From Gallery — It displays Pictures and Albums from the Gallery
    • Recommendations — A few wallpapers that are recommended by Samsung
    • PENUP wallpapers — Drawing uploaded by Galaxy Note series device users to Samsung’s PENUP portal
    • Various other categories — other categories such as Seasonal, Textures & Patterns, Home Sweet Home, etc.


  • Select one of the images to set as the wallpaper
    • You can set two separate images for either the Home screen and Lock screen or one image for both
      • Lock screen is the screen that appears when your device is locked
      • Home screen is the background that appears when the device is unlocked


  • Select one of the options to set the image as desired
    • If it is not a default wallpaper, the preview will allow you to re-size and reposition the image
    • There is a toggle switch for motion effects which animates the image when the home screen is called up
  • Once you have selected your desired image, you can exit and it will automatically save

Once you have set the image as desired, you might just want to check the image to check that it has the desired look with the apps appearing above it.

Do let us know in the comments below if you require further assistance.