‘Blue Arctic’ Samsung Galaxy S4 shows up in Japan, will it come to other countries?

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 13 May 2013

When Samsung announced the GS3 last year, they launched it in two colors: blue and white. Over time, the company added several more hues, including black, red, and even purple.

This year the South Korea company launched the GS4 again with only two color options: black and white. And now, thanks to what appears to be a sales brochure, we have evidence that there’s going to be a blue GS4 coming soon. To be specific, it’s “Blue Arctic”.

The two big questions on my mind is will this variant come to other markets, and if so, then when? I can imagine Samsung is already having enough trouble pumping out the current GS4 SKUs, so adding yet another would be a royal pain in the ass.

Think about it from a logistical perspective. The GS4 comes in three variants: Qualcomm, Exynos no LTE, Exynos with LTE. Each of those variant come in three size options: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. And each of those variants come in two colors: black and white. That’s 18 products to keep track of.