BlackBerry pauses BBM roll-out for Android and iOS thanks to the leaked APK

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 22 Sep 2013


Yesterday, BlackBerry was supposed to release its BBM app for Android and iOS devices. The company started a staged country roll-out for the iOS app, but kept delaying the release of the Android version of the app.Now, the company announced that it has paused the global roll0out of the apps for both, iOS and Android, all thanks to the leaked APK of the Android version.

The leaked BBM APK was used by more than 1.1 million Android users worldwide in less than 8 hours, thereby putting significant load on BlackBerry servers and other issues. The BBM team had to fight with such issues throughout yesterday, and that’s why they have decided to pause the global roll-out for sometime so as to make sure they offer a good experience to their users.

The iOS version of the app cannot be downloaded from the AppStore anymore, but users who have already downloaded the app on their iPhone can use it without any issues.

On the Android side, the BlackBerry team will disable the leaked APK that all the Android users installed worldwide, before starting with the roll-out. If you cannot wait for BBM for Android or iOS to be available, head over to to sign-up for updates and latest news about the app.