BlackBerry Looking to License its Secure Version of Android To Other OEMs

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 25 Aug 2017

Blackberry Priv

BlackBerry is in talks with various smartphone makers from across the globe to license its own take on a secure version of Android to them. Dubbed BlackBerry Secure, the OS will feature all the security related features that we have seen in smartphones from BlackBerry so far.

BlackBerry is already having contracts with many smartphone OEMs. The company no longer manufactures devices itself, with TCL handling the manufacturing and selling phones under the BlackBerry brand in the US. In India, BlackBerry has a 10-year licensing deal with Optiemus that allows the latter to sell handsets under the BlackBerry brand.

“We have a number of different contracts that we are working on right now. We expect some to be announced soon,” BlackBerry Senior Vice President, General Manager, Mobility Solutions, Alex Thurber told ET. “We have an agreement with Optiemus for the India market for BlackBerry Secure.”

The licensing deal will allow OEMs to launch their own devices running a more secure version of Android developed by BlackBerry. This deal will not include selling BlackBerry-branded handsets as the company already has contracts with white label OEMs which offer its devices across the globe.

BlackBerry is also looking at providing its services in the Enterprise of Things (EoT) segment. It is already in talks with a couple of medical manufacturers and TV OEMs to provide them with its secure version of Android for their devices.

[Via Economic Times]