Best Redmi Note 7 Pro Apps

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 4 Apr 2019

Xiaomi recently launched the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro in India. The new Redmi Note handsets from the company take the budget mid-range smartphone category in India to a whole new level. If you are planning on buying the Redmi Note 7 or Note 7 Pro, check out some of our recommended apps for these handsets.

The below apps will help further enhance the experience of using the Redmi Note 7 series and complement its existing feature set.

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Best Apps for Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro

  • Nova Launcher
  • Sesame Universal Search
  • Gboard
  • Snapseed
  • Open Camera

#1 Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Let’s be honest here. MIUI on the Redmi Note 7/Pro might be usable but the stock launcher leaves a lot to be desired. If you are a power user, you are not going to like the lack of an app drawer and other customization options which are missing from MIUI launcher.

This is where Nova Launcher comes in which is hands down the most popular launcher on the Google Play Store. It is packed to the brim with plenty of useful features and customization options including icon pack support, custom grid size and app drawer, dock pages, and more.

There are simply too many features in Nova launcher to list here. The free version of the launcher offers plenty of features to play around with, though the Prime version unlocks some notable goodies. Make sure to try out the free version first if you are unsure if you will like Nova or not.

Download: Nova Launcher

#2 Sesame Universal Search

Nova launcher is perfectly complemented by Sesame Universal search. As the name suggests, it is a universal search app that lets you quickly search through your installed apps, contacts, photos, Google Drive, and more.

With Nova launcher integration, you can do almost anything you want to via Sesame in just a few taps. For example, you can directly search for directions to a place without opening Google Maps in Sesame or open a Telegram group or even search for a file in your Google Drive account. The possibilities with Sesame is unlimited.

Even if you don’t use Nova launcher, the universal search capabilities of Sesame are going to help speed up day-to-day tasks on your Redmi Note 7/Pro.

Download: Sesame Universal Search

#3 Gboard

Now, Xiaomi does ship the Redmi Note 7/Pro with Gboard but it is not the default keyboard. Instead, the company has replaced it with its own keyboard featuring Facemoji and ads. What’s worse is that Xiaomi makes it unnecessarily complex to switch the default keyboard in MIUI.

I am not really a fan of Xiaomi’s keyboard as I find it a bit on the slower side and it is simply not as feature rich as Gboard. The latter packs plenty of useful features like GIF and stickers search, native Google search and translate integration, themes, support for a plethora of languages, multi-lingual support, and more.

Make sure to switch to Gboard on your Redmi Note 7/Pro from Settings -> Additional Settings -> Current keyboard. Enable Gboard from the list and then select it.

Download: Gboard

#4 Snapseed

The Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro come with pretty impressive cameras. The Redmi Note 7 features a 12MP rear shooter while the Note 7 Pro packs an impressive 48MP shooter. Both phones can capture amazing photos irrespective of the lighting conditions.

However, if you truly want photos from the Redmi Note 7/Pro to stand out, you should consider tweaking them a bit with Snapseed. While the built-in photo editor in MIUI 10 itself is not bad, Snapseed offers a plethora of options to let one tweak their photos just the way they want.

Download: Snapseed

#5 Open Camera

The default camera app on the Redmi Note 7/Pro is excellent with plenty of modes and features to play around with. For all intents and purposes, you should stick to the stock camera app. However, if you wish to record 4K videos from the 12MP selfie camera on the Redmi Note 7 Pro, you should use Open Camera. On previous Redmi Note devices, Open Camera allowed one to record 4K videos from the rear camera.

On the Redmi Note 7 Pro, Open Camera allows one to record 4K videos from the selfie camera which is not possible with the stock camera app.

Download: Open Camera

What are some of your favorite apps for the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro? Drop a comment and let us know!