Google picks the best apps and games on the Play Store for 2013

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 7 Dec 2013


The Google Play Store team has released their pick of the best apps, games,magazines, books and movie picks on the Play Store. The Play’s team pick represent the absolute best of what the Google Play brand has to offer in terms of content to its users. 

Their pick of the best apps on the Play Store is pretty interesting and unique, to say the least. In total, there are 15 applications from various categories with each app very unique in nature. If you have not already, I highly recommend you check out the apps once.

An interesting thing to note from the above list is that only two applications, out of the total fifteen, are paid. The others are completely free to use, with some apps featuring IAPs (In-App Purchases).

The Play team’s roundup of the best games is also pretty interesting with some extremely popular games missing from the list. Another point to note is that the majority of the games are available for free to download but use IAP in one form or another. The list contains games from all the popular publishers including Gamelot, Electronics Arts and Rovio, as well as from indie developers. You can find the Play team’s pick of the best games over here.

For the roundup of the best movies, books, albums and magazines on the Play Store from the Play team, head over to this link.