AT&T LG G3, G Watch go on sale July 8 and land in stores July 11

BY Evan Selleck

Published 7 Jul 2014


We’ve already heard from T-Mobile and Sprint as to when the carriers would launch their own branded versions of the LG G3, and even when Canada would get their own model for quite a few regional carriers in the Great White North. Now it’s AT&T’s turn. Big Blue has just revealed not only when the G3 will go on sale, but also the LG-branded G Watch.

As one can imagine, there isn’t anything different from AT&T’s variant of the G3 when compared to the other models, save for the branding on the back of the handset. AT&T has confirmed today through a press release that the LG G3 and G Watch will go on sale through their online retail site beginning July 8. Effectively, it’s a pre-order for both devices, as they will land in physical stores on July 11, and that’s when the devices should land on your doorstep as well, if you do order them on July 8.

AT&T LG G Watch

As far as pricing goes, AT&T has set the monthly pricing for its Next plan at $24.17 per month on Next 18; or $29.00 per month on Next 12. That’s with $0 down to start. Or, if you prefer the two-year contract terms, then you’ll be able to pick up the G3 for $199.99. The G Watch will cost you a cool $229 to get it around your wrist.

Are you buying this as soon as it’s available?

[via AT&T]