ASUS teases its smartwatch on Twitter; Set to unveil it at IFA

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 Aug 2014


Last week, FocusTaiwan reported that ASUS is reportedly planning on unveiling its smartwatch at IFA next month, though it plans were still not confirmed. Today though, the company took to Twitter to tease about the launch of something “incredible” at IFA, which clearly confirms that it would be unveiling a smartwatch next month. 

While the watch is present in the background in the teaser image from ASUS, only the metallic rim running around its edges are clearly visible. The images does, however, confirm that the smartwatch from ASUS will sport a square or rectangular design like the LG G Watch and Gear Live, and unlike the Moto 360.

Right now, not much is known about the first Android Wear smartwatch from ASUS except that it will include all the functionality that we have already seen in existing products from LG and Samsung.

Rumors have indicated that ASUS will be pricing its smartwatch somewhere in the range of $99 to $199, which should make it quite a fair bit cheaper than its competitors.