Rewarding Consumers in-App

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 May 2017

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You’ve designed a great app now you want to figure out how to keep your users engaged. Rewarded ad units are a great option to engage users keep them coming back to your app. Users are rewarded with something valuable in your app in exchange for participating with an ad (a video or a survey, for example). This could be in the form of game currency for a gaming app, for example. or new filters stickers in a photo app. These types of ad units provide instant gratification for users leave consumers with a positive impression of your app.

The key is to insert the rewarded ads in a natural place within the app. For example, a player can interact with a survey in exchange for advancing to the next level in a game. Or when consumers are checking their news feeds, they can see an option to interact with a video to unlock a new pack of stickers in an app. The rewarded ads should be in an easy to find prominent location. Users then learn to check the app on a daily basis to look for these rewards – making the app part of the consumer’s daily routine. This leads to higher overall engagement with the app.

It may be tempting to insert rewarded ad units in many places within the app, but it’s important to strike a balance between app usage advertising. For example, you might limit a user to watching a rewarded video or taking a rewarded survey only three times a day. Consumers will come to realize these rewarded ad units only come on occasion. This leads to higher interaction rates when the ads do appear in-app, , ultimately, better performance higher revenue.

Once you’ve decided where how often to insert your rewarded ad slots, it’s time to decide what type of ad to offer. Videos are good for engaging users passively for a short period of time. Surveys, however, allow for maximum user engagement, with the same time commitment as video ads. Consumers like being able to provide their feedback opinions on a variety of topics in exchange for something of value in the app.

Regardless of which ad type you select, be sure to work with a variety of partners test constantly. Keep track of how often your users interact with each of your rewarded ad options weed out the ones with the least interaction. Soon enough, you’ll have an app that keeps your users engaged happy, while earning you maximum revenue.

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