These 12 Android apps won the 2017 ay Awards

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 19 May 2017

The results are in for the second annual ay Awards, the company’s new tradition to honor excellence in the world of Android apps. In late April, we took a look at the 60 nominees across the ay Award’s 12 categories.

Now, here are the winners.

Best Accessibility Experience


ice: Free

Description: This is the go-to service to automate all kinds of online services smart home devices in ways that wouldn’t be possible without it. Now it’s being honored for “enabling device interaction to serve people with disabilities or special needs.”

Best Social Impact

Name: ShareTheMeal – Help children

ice: Free

Description: This charity app from the rld Food ogramme lets you give small donations (as little as 50 cents a day) to feed a child in an impoverished or war stricken area of the world.

Stout Indie

Name: Mushroom 11

ice: $4.99

Description: A puzzle platformer game that takes you through a post-apocalyptic world where you help a new lifeform grow among the ruins.

Stout Startup

Name: Hooked

ice: Free (in-app purchases)

Description: This app shows you stories in the format of an SMS/Messaging app. It’s supposedly an attempt to make reading fun again. Having swapped novel-length attention spans for tweets status updates years ago, Hooked offers short engaging stories in a format our primitive ape brains can still hle.

Best Android ar Experience

Name: Runtastic o Running, Fitness

ice: $4.99

Description: This popular smartphone-based workout tracker has always been a top choice among runners.

Best TV Experience

Name: Red Bull TV

ice: Free

Description: Have you ever spent time on Red Bull’s TV site or one of its TV apps? If you like action or motor sports, my advice is don’t. You could be lost for days.

Best VR Experience

Name: Virtual Virtual Reality

ice: $4.49 (sale price)

Description: As its name suggests, the idea in this Daydream VR experience is to explore virtual reality inside virtual reality. You can take on off VR headsets inside this VR game to experience more than 50 levels over two hours of unique virtual, virtual experiences. 

Best AR Experience

Name: orld

ice: Free

Description: For Tango devices, orld lets you place virtual characters toys inside your own living room or whatever other physical space you find yourself in.

Best App for Kids

Name: Animal m – ay ld!

ice: Free (in-app purchases)

Description: This kids app lets your little ones design their own animal characters, create animal dens, hang out with friends in a virtual 3D world.

Best Multiplayer Game

Name: Hearthstone

ice: Free (in-app purchases)

Description: Blizzard’s popular digital card game has been around for years shows no sign of slowing in popularity.

Best App

Name: Memrise: arn a new language

ice: Free (in-app purchases)

Description: This language-learning app offers lessons in 14 languages, contains two million words phrases that are taught through games, chatbots, videos of native speakers.

Best Game

Name: Transformers: Forged to Fight

ice: Free (in-app purchases)

Description: It’s like Streetfighter, but with Transformers. But it’s also got aspects of tower defense R.