Here is How You Can Edit Roads Right in Maps

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 4 May 2017

When Google shut down its crowd-sourced Map Maker in 2017, it promised to integrate many of its features into Maps. The option to edit descriptions and suggest missing places is now displayed in Maps. It has also added the ability to edit road segments. Still, it’s a little harder to find in an April update in 2017 to Google’s Local Guides Connect board. Moderator Corrie D announced. That Google had launched the first part of a revamped editing flow in Maps, targeting road segment editing. The new Maps integration features a unique selection UI. With the ability to report issues on multiple road segments. On both the desktop version of Maps and the Android app.


Head to the Send feedback tab in the sidebar to use the new road editor. You’ll find options to add a missing place, report a lost road, or report a location issue as before. In the Edit the map. Tap it, and a new screen that shows you all the roads around you. And lets you tap to select all or part of one. Once you’ve pinpointed the area you want to change, tap Next. You’ll be able to choose from a series of problems. Such as incorrectly drawn, one-way street, two-way incorrect, closed, or private. You can select as many that apply, add a note describing the issue, and send it for review.
The feature appears to have been pushed out with the most recent update, but if you’re not seeing it, you can sideload the latest from AMirror, if you cannot get it at the Play Store. It’s unclear whether it will bring the feature to the iOS app.The Open Road: Map Maker was a great way for the public to help make Maps even better. It’s more helpful and built right into the app. It had been integrated into Maps.