Blueprints for App Advertising

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 25 Apr 2017

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One of the things that developers often neglect to factor into their app design planning is advertisements. Having a solid design in place for advertising within your app creates a better user flow, often leading to higher revenue for developers without frustrating consumers.

There are a few basic types of ad units that a developer can consider:

  • Banner ads: These are the most basic type of ad units for any website or app. These are often displayed at the bottom, top, or side of websites. though these ads tend to have the lowest engagement rates, they can still promote awareness by being displayed alongside your content.
  • Interstitial ads: These full screen ads often appear in between pages of a website or app. Since they take up the entire screen, therefore the user’s entire attention, they are considered to be very impactful.
  • Video ads: Video ads are typically shown instream within video content – either before (pre-roll), within (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) video content. In some cases, users can choose to engage with a video ad in order to gain something from a website – such as 30 minutes of ad-free listening on a music streaming site.
  • Native Ads: These are ads that are placed within content. A typical example would be within a stard social media feed, where the ads have the same look feel as the content.
  • Surveylls: Users can choose to engage with surveys as an incentive to unlock content from your website or app. For example, a user could take a short survey from Survata to unlock additional, premium content from your property, tokens in a game, or an ad-free experience for a period of time.

Having a good understing of the different advertising options available allows for developers to choose what best fits within the flow of their apps. For example, a developer with a gaming app might want to consider rewarding players with in-game currency for completing a survey. That creates a natural flow within the gaming experience provides a positive experience for the player.

It is also important to continuously try new ad formats optimize what works best. Every user responds differently to ad units, so it is important to continue to test find the optimal revenue point.

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