highlights 60 app game nominees for second annual ay Awards

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Apr 2017

I/O is just about three weeks away, is already starting the festivities. ong with the developer’s preview of Android O, the company has now announced the finalists for its second annual ay Awards, there are even more awesome apps on display this year.

ile all of the main awards remain, including Best App, Best Game, Best Stout Indie, Best Stout Startup, a number of new apps will be recognized this year in an array of categories, including AR, VR, Android ar. This year, each category includes five nominees, with winners to be announced on Thursday, May 18. ‘ve listed all the nominees below, you can also find them all on a single ay Store page.

Best App

Best Game

Stout Indie

Stout Startup

Best Android ar Experience

Best TV Experience

Best VR Experience

Best AR Experience

Best App for Kids

Best Multiplayer Game

Best Accessibility Experience

Best Social Impact