Nintendo plans to release 2 or 3 mobile games a year after Super Mario Run’s success

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 Dec 2016

ile Android users might still be waiting for their chance to play it, Super Mario Run has blasted to the top of Apple’s App Store charts smashed download records. So it’s no surprise that Nintendo plans to bring a bunch more games to smartphones.

In an interview with pan-based Kyoto N Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima revealed that Super Mario Run is just the start of a new strategy for mobile gaming. The company plans to release two or three new games next year, continue that pattern beyond 2017, he said. eviously it was reported that popular titles Fire Emblem Animal ing were on tap for a mobile release.

Kimishima offered no information on whether future games will release simultaneously in the App Store ay Store, but Nintendo has already said it is working on bringing Super Mario Run to Android phones. The ione-exclusive side-runner has amassed some 50 million downloads in its first week, making it the fastest-downloaded app in Apple’s history. However, the game’s $10 price tag relatively simple formula has riled some users, despite its popularity, it only has a 2-star rating in the App Store.

y this matters: Even though Android users are currently left out in the cold, Nintendo’s new mobile push is definitely one to watch. th the success of kemon Go Super Mario Run, the company has proven that its characters can st alone, it’ll be interesting to see how the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Switch tablet-style console plays into its new strategy.