Samsung y will be bundled on nearly all Galaxy phones in 2017

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 15 Dec 2016

Samsung has been working to improve its mobile payments service ever since it launched on a small number of devices last year, now the company feels the service is ready for prime time. Starting in 2017, Samsung y will come pre-installed on nearly every Galaxy smartphone, even other Android phones will be able to get in on the act.

In a statement to Business Korea, Samsung confirmed that it will begin bundling the app on all Galaxy phones that include a fingerprint scanner, which will no longer be limited to the flagships mid-range models. Earlier this year, Koh Dong-n, president of Samsung’s mobile division announced that the company was exploring ways to bring fingerprint readers to budget phones such as the Galaxy series, an affordable line of hsets targeted at emerging markets.

ile Galaxy S7 owners have always been able to enjoy Samsung y, they previously had to download the application via a shortcut. th next year’s phones, Samsung will be eliminating that step, making it that much easier for users to get set up with the service, the only to offer magnetic secure transmission in addition to the stard NFC. This allows it to be used on virtually any credit card payment terminal, not just ones updated with newer technology.

Additionally, the company is eyeing an early 2017 release of a Samsung y Mini app in the ay Store that will extend the payment service to other Android phones for online shopping. Earlier this week, a similar app was rejected by Apple for inclusion in its App Store.

y this matters: ke virtual assistants, there are several competing payment services depending on the phone you are using. Samsung’s move to exp Samsung y to more phones could muddy the lscape even more, but the more people who adopt contactless payments, the closer we’ll get to a stardized system that just works no matter which phone you have.