Facebook launches stalone Events app for Android

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Dec 2016

Facebook Events has been available for past two months on the ione, but now Android users can get in on the fun. The social media giant is making good on its promise to bring its planning app to the ay Store, it looks to be a near-carbon copy of the iOS version.

Developed as a way to keep all of your meet-ups in one place, the Events app is sort of a Facebook calendar that lets you see what you’re doing find things that might be fun. Inside the app, you can check out nearby happenings, make plans with your Facebook friends, import your personal calendar as well, to avoid any scheduling snafus.

The app appears to retain much of the design language of its iOS counterpart, so don’t expect it to match the look of the Material Design-styled Messenger app. The new app should be live on the ay Store but if you’re not seeing it, you can sideload the -sign A on A Mirror.

y this matters: One of Facebook’s biggest strength is its promotion of events, this new app is a clear indication that it only intends to strengthen that advantage. The calendar aspect offers a cool, unique element that ties together only the things that are happening in your feed, so you can strip away the fake news focus on the things you want to do.