novo’s ab2 o is now slated for a November release

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 6 Oct 2016

finally have a firm timeline on when we’ll see the first phone with the augmented reality capabilities of ’s Tango initiative.

The novo ab2 o, which was originally scheduled for a summer release, is now slated for a November launch. In announcing a first delay, novo originally said the phone would be available in the fall.

don’t have a specific date, but the CNET report cites ’s head of VR, Clay Bavor, as the source for the November unveiling. The ab2 o will allow you to scan the room engage in interactive experiences with augmented reality. It won’t, however, work with the new Daydream VR initiative. For that you’ll need a xel phone.

y this matters: Tango has dropped the “project” label, but now it needs to actually be on a consumer-grade phone so that those who want it get a chance to try out the technology. yfair we’s are among the launch partners that are planning on building shopping experiences, which we’re eager to try out once the ab2 o starts leaving the factory.