Report: Android 7.1 is coming to current Nexus phones the xel C before end of the year

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Oct 2016

l of those xel-exclusive announcements during Tuesday’s Made by event probably gave you a good sense of feature envy for your current Nexus phone.

have some good news for you, however tepid it may be. Android lice says it has confirmation that Android 7.1 is coming to Nexus phones the xel C before the end of the year as a dev preview.

The report is bullish that the 6 5X will get the update, but it’s a little more iffy for those with a Nexus 6 or 9. 

On the feature front, the xel launcher, rapid-fire access to the Assistant, the 24/7 screen sharing support services will surely remain xel exclusive. wants tight control over these features to optimize the experience as an incentive for you to part with cash for one of ’s newest phones

’ll let you know more if we get more details from about what the exact plans are for features that will won’t make it to current nexus hardware.

The impact on you: Online forums like the Android Reddit page have been filled with anxiety over the state of everyone’s current Nexus phones tablets. Many see cutting loose too quickly with relatively recent hardware given that the xel will have so many exclusives. However, has also decided to ramp up the innovation with tight software/hardware integration, something that wasn’t even fully realized with the Nexus line..