Report: to unveil xel phones, Home, Daydream VR, a 4K Chromecast on Oct. 4

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Sep 2016

is prepping for a massive hardware show on Oct. 4 that will not only reveal its next smartphones, but initiatives in television, virtual reality, the smart home. Reports indicate the HTC-built smartphones will be called the xel xel X mirroring an earlier report that is retiring the Nexus br.

y this matters: At I/O the company first unveiled Home as its competitor to the Amazon Echo revealed its virtual reality initiative with Daydream VR. But the news that would go with xel bring for its new phone is a little surprising, though it’s part of a bring effort that’s likely inspired from all the custom software features that will further distinguish ’s phones from others in the Android space.

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Android lice cites two “independent sources” as evidence that will dub the phones xel xel X These are the Marlin Sailfish phones we’ve been hearing about all summer, which are to be manufactured by HTC. Though by the looks of it, you may only see HTC’s name on some tiny corner of the box instead find only bring on the phones.

Earlier this week, Android Central was first to detail that would drop the Nexus name. evious xel devices have been very high-end, with the Chromebook xel xel 2, along with the xel C tablet, comming high prices premium build quality. The specs details for the phone rumors haven’t hinted that they’ll blow us away, but the name change may be more about bring that will catch the public’s eye.

The xel phones may include another leap forward in Android, possibly to version 7.1. The Assistant could be more central to the experience, CEO Sundar chai himself has said that would find ways to further innovate with the software on its own devices. 


At I/O, promised that its smart home competitor was coming would allow you to ask questions no matter where you’re at in the living room. This event sounds like a logical place to do this, as the company can then demonstrate how your xel phone, Home, other gear will all play nicely with one another. could should also finally learn about price availability.

Daydream VR

detailed the specs stard behind its Daydream VR initiative during a presentation at, you guessed it, I/O. By showing it the actual Daydream Viewer hardware at the Nexus xel event, can talk up how it’s phones (at least the big one) will be “Daydream Ready” to power those VR experiences. should also hear more about the VR experience how it may differentiate from the Oculus-powered GearVR.

4K Chromecast

will also apparently reveal a 4K-capable Chromecast. This move makes a lot of sense, as 4K televisions programming continues to grow in popularity. By offering a Chromecast that supports 4K, purportedly to called Chromecast Ultra or Chromecast us, can support streaming services like Netflix that have begun to offer 4K content.

The entirety of the announcements could ensure that your 2016 tmas wish list is dominated by one thing: . As we learn more about this upcoming event, we’ll be sure to share all the details with you.