Google Play Store is experimenting with glanceable features and details from reviews

The new Top Features section tries to make user reviews more useful by focusing on a few key details about each app.

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Google wants to make those bunches of user reviews that fill up the Play Store more a little more useful when you’re window shopping for another app.

An experiment is popping up for some Play Store users that shows off a section labeled Top Features, which groups together data from reviews to give you a better idea about what an app actually excels at.

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The new section will tell you just how well the app performs at specific features.

According to the report, you’ll see a specific score for these main features. If a banking app flunks at managing credit cards, you’ll know that maybe it’s worth skipping.

To create this information, there’s been some reworking to the review process. You may be asked if specific functions are available inside of an app and to give them a thumbs up or down. It reminds me of the way Google Maps will ask you questions about places you’ve visited while trying to bump up your Local Guides score.

Look for this overhaul to continue, as Google regularly changes up different aspects of the Play Store with the ultimate goal of matching up Android users with apps they’re likely to enjoy. The change is on Google’s end; some users will see it and others won't, without running different versions of the Play Store. As with all changes to Google’s apps, stay tuned for more. Google recently began stripping away Google+ and highlighting early-access apps.

The impact on you: In all this seems like a move in the right direction. If Google can nudge people to offer feedback about apps in a way that’s quick and easy, more people are likely to hit Install for those apps that match their needs. A quick thumbs up or down is much easier than sounding off in a review, which would lead to more participation and better data about those apps that are begging for your time.

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