‘s beta app is bringing Now cards other tricks to Now on Tap

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Aug 2016

Now on Tap has yet to really find its way into that “must have” category for many, as the information it pulls up is often hit miss.

There’s a new improvement rolling out with the app beta that may help alleviate this. en you launch Now on Tap (if you’re one of the lucky few, anyway) you’ll see some of the cards that you’d find in Now, such as weather or upcoming events. You’ll also see icons to set a reminder, create an event, set a timer, or other comms.

now on tap cards

Now on Tap is much closer to acting like Now.

It’s one of those staggered rollouts to the beta channel of the app, as I was able to launch these on a Galaxy S7 ge but not on a Nexus 5X. Your results may vary.

If you want to make this appear, you’ll want to grab the app beta. You’ll see more frequent updates occasional new features like this one, though of course it could mean some bugs.

The impact on you: ’s been trying to make it’s services more predictive, as we’ve seen Now beget Now on Tap. The culmination of this is the Assistant, which should make an appearance with the next Nexus phones. Until then such new features offer us all the ways that plans to have its intelligence engine try to make better predictions about the information you need.